Where it all began

Published on 28 November 2021 at 16:16

When you buy something new, no matter what it is, you always get an instruction manual right? I always hear people saying that parenting doesn't come with an instruction manual, there's no rule book no right or wrong answers and there's no one there to check your work when you have finished.


Let me take you back to the 30th of May 2012 when I had my first son Sean, he was born a couple of weeks early. The birth its self was pretty traumatic, but I soon forgot about that once he was here. He was absolutely beautiful, and watching him grow and learn new things every day was amazing. He was like a little sponge, he sucked in every little bit of information that was fed to him, and he never seemed to forget it. I was in absolute awe of him, and that feeling I got when I looked into his big blue eyes was the thing that made me want to have another baby.


Fast-forward to the 27th of May 2015 this was the day my second son was born Adam, we didn't know it yet but this little boy was about to flip our world in so many ways. He was absolutely beautiful just like his big brother and the love I felt yet again was overwhelming. However, i quickly started to understand why everyone said no 2 kids are the same. There were a lot of quirky little things he used to do and at the time we didn't think much about it and put it down to his funny little personality. He didn't talk much, he just screamed at me until I guessed what it was he wanted. He hated loud and noisy places and would often just be in his own little world doing his own little thing.


Adam was only 7 months old when I fell pregnant with my 3rd little boy Joseph. Adam turned 1 and Joseph was born a few months later. Joseph was born 4 weeks early, and he was so small even tiny baby clothes were a bit big on him. To be totally honest with you, I can hardly remember that much about Joseph being a baby, because it was around this time Adams behaviours and little quirks started to get harder to manage and the fact he NEVER slept was making it ten times worse.


I do remember Joseph was such a happy baby he was a brilliant sleeper and never seemed to want me for much, I hardly remember him crying or being a needy baby. He was so much like his biggest brother and learned things so quickly. I felt like I had blinked, and he was walking and talking (well, he had his own little gibberish language).


Now we have Luke, but I will save that for another time. Thanks for reading.

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