As you all know speak with Sean is an app created by our 9 year old son Sean. This idea was Seans because he has a brother with Autism, who at one point was non-verbal, Adam didnt speak and so he would scream and cry until we could figure out what it was he acutally wanted. Growing up around this and seeing how hard it was for not only adam but the whole family to deal with Sean thought something like this app would really help other children.  Now that Adam can talk life is much easier but we are also fully aware that a lot of children sometimes never learn to speak, and so this can be hard for the child and the caregivers. 


Speak with sean isn't just a one for all app because we know as well you do that one childs idea of a drink can be totally diffrent another childs, this is why we are making the app a lot more personal for each and every child so the images used are images the child is familar with and sees on a daily basis. 


At the moment we will be relying on our own funds and are seeking funding to be able to deliver the services needed i.e a tablet for each child with the app installed and a case for each tablet. However due to this we can only supply a certain amount, we do hope in the future to be able give each and every child one who needs it so we will continue to grow and help as many people as we can.